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Beginners Guide To Getting Started with Pilates - Katy Bath

5 Tips for Pilates at Home

I always love to teach Pilates to beginners and I make it my mission to make it inclusive and accessible for everyone. Whatever your fitness level, Pilates is easy to practice at home and I've got all you need to know to feel confident in getting started. Pilates will strengthen your whole body, improve stability, flexibility and mobility - all the while helping you to feel amazing in body and mind.

So if you're currently thinking of starting Pilates, check out these 5 tips to get off to the best start.

Tip #1 - Follow a beginner plan

Sounds obvious doesn't it, however I have met so many people that took the leap to try Pilates mislabelled as for beginners only to be left feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. My own experience of taking my first Pilates class put me off for years - it was a class for 'all levels' that moved far too quickly and left me feeling disheartened and keen to get out of the door!

My 21 day beginner program is created for complete beginners. It contains 3 x 20 minute workouts each week with optionals for the other days. It gives the right structure to learn different exercises, at the right pace and maintain consistency. The classes are designed to challenge (it's not meant to be easy!) but to leave you excited for the next class.

Tip #2 - Create a goal

Maybe your goal is to complete the beginner program, to be able to touch your toes or learn to headstand. Having a goal helps with motivation so I created a goal setting tool here and a tracker to help keep you motivated and accountable. I love to track my progress with videos and checklists.

"I just wanted to thank you. I completed my first ever full workout today with your 21 day beginners and the way you speak and encourage is just so kind and helpful. My goal is to complete week step at a time!." – Sofie - Online Studio Member

Tip #3 - Equipment

All you need is an exercise mat - you may want to consider the thickness when shopping if you feel you'd like extra support for your knees and wrists then look at 10mm thickness. My mat is pretty thin but non slip which I like (it's Liforme brand). You may want a towel to hand to roll up for extra cushioning if you need it.

Tip #4 - What to Wear

You'll want to wear your usual workout clothes - something comfortable to move in. It's low impact so light-medium support bras are fine. We practice mostly barefoot though if you want to wear socks I'd advise some with the grips on the sole so you don't slip around.

Tip #5 - Celebrate Yourself!

Lastly and importantly enjoy the journey - your journey! Celebrate the success of starting and use each class as an opportunity to learn about your body and treat it as an act of self care. Pilates has incredible benefits that you will see and feel with time so keep stepping back on your mat.

Ready to Begin?

You can join the virtual studio here and begin your Pilates workout plan at home today!

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Delighted to have found your page, subscribed & started the 21 day beginner plan!

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