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Beginner Plan Completed...What's next?

You completed the 21 day beginner plan, amazing!! You may be wondering where to go next and don't worry, I have three different options to suit wherever you are in your practice. Perhaps you feel ready for a little more challenge, a lot more challenge or maybe you just want more at a similar level.

1. STAGE 2 BEGINNER PLAN If you are ready for a little more challenge to progress I have created the Stage 2 beginner plan which is below. Within the website you can download this as a PDF and access all the videos in one place.

2. NEED JUST A LITTLE MORE? If you're not quite ready yet to move on from the first stage, I would advise to repeat the 21 day beginner plan. The repetition of movements will help you to progress and you may notice you find things feel differently the second time around. I'd suggest taking up the optional workout days if you feel you'd like a little more.

3. READY FOR A CHALLENGE? Try the weekly plan on the site or the 14 day abs challenge! Remember to always listen to your body, rest when you need to and make sure you try and get 30 minutes outside active time each day.

I hope you found this helpful! Here is a quick link to the studio to access the classes or sign up if you're not yet a member.

Love, Katy xxx

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