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Welcome to the 30 day Pilates Challenge!

This challenge is created to give you a balanced approach to 30 days of Pilates with 2 rest days each week that I recommend you set as 'active rest days'.  This could mean getting 10k steps, a leisurely cycle or swim or just keeping generally active in the day.  Always listen to your body and rest as you need - if that means you do 3 of these workouts instead of 4 then that's completely fine!

It's not designed for complete beginners - I'd recommend taking the stage 1 and stage 2 plans first if you are not familiar with Pilates - though I will give modifications to suit all levels of practice so don't worry.  Give it a go, have fun, learn about yourself, celebrate the amazing things you are giving your body and mind...and please SHARE your journey with me and others!

Love, Katy xxx

This channel is coming soon!
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