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Runners & Cyclists

All you need to support the sports you love!

You will find quick warm up classes to prepare your body to run or cycle - with a focus on mobilising the lower body joints and priming the muscles.

Use the quick stretch classes for after your activity to help your body to recover.  It doesn't have to be immediately after, just ry to ensure it's within a few hours.  Consume protein within 30 minutes of your run or cycle to promote recovery and hydrate with plenty of water.

Pilates for Sports and the mobility videos are good for your recovery days - these classes will work on strengthening key lower body areas and improving mobility to help you achieve and maintain performance.

I'd recommend complimenting this will some general Pilates classes that will help to strengthen your core, providing support to your spine and entire body.  Need any help or guidance?  Send me an email and we can chat!

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