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Sculpt your lower body

Training your lower body is essential for becoming a stronger athlete or for creating tone and definition for sculpted legs.  These workouts are designed to help your performance in other sports such as running or cycling, as well as achieving your aesthetic goals!

Each week you are given a routine that combines strength, mobility and flexibility.  Do each routine three times within the same week, then move onto the next week.  Each routine adds up to between 30-40 minutes of Pilates strengthening and lengthening perfection!

Consistency, repetition and progression are key to achieving results, stick with the 4 weeks and it will be worth it!

Week 1, Routine 1: Sculpt Pilates Legs 10 min + Sculpt Pilates Inner Thigh 15 min + Sculpt Glutes 12 min

Week 2, Routine 2: Ignite 20 min +7 min lower body stretch

Week 3, Routine 3: Ultimate Pilates 20 min + 10 min lower body stretch

Week 4, Routine 4: Lower Body 34 mins

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