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Welcome to the January Pilates schedule!  An exciting 31 day challenge with brand new workouts that will kick start your year in the very best way for your body and mind.

You have four classes every week to complete, each with a different theme.


This is the perfect Pilates balance to strengthen, tone, stretch and improve overall fitness.


With overall health and wellbeing in mind, this schedule has been created to give you structure with three active rest days each week.


If you need to take them as full rest or move things around a little thats completely fine, please always listen to your body.


On these active rest days, I would recommend a good 30 minute walk or jog outside if possible.  Though outdoors may not be always an option, you could swap to a treadmill, cycle or swim.  We are aiming to improve cardiovascular health in this time as well as mental wellbeing.


If you have any concerns, need a chat or would like to share your success please email me I'd love to hear from you!

This channel is coming soon!
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