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Improve Your Posture

These express Pilates classes have been created to easily fit into your day and boost your posture!

The key to good posture is a combination of strength, mobility and stretch.  You'll notice an emphasis on developing strength in your core muscles well as joint mobility in your hips and muscle flexibility in your hamstrings.  

I've created this series to guide you in 4 weeks to feel better and improve your posture, the approach is simple to follow:

Do each weeks class or classes 2-3 times a week.  Each session will be 20 minutes and you can do it on it's own or mixed into your usual routine.

Week 1: Every Day Pilates Back 10 min AND Every Day Pilates Abs 10 min

Week 2: Express 20 min Posture

Week 3: Deep Core 7 min AND Back Strength and mobility 13 minutes

Week 4: Pilates Deep Core 20 min OR Beginner new morning 20 minutes

Optionals to add in: 10 min Morning Pilates and 8 mins Mobility: Back

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