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Pregnancy Pilates

Everything you need for each Trimester of your pregnancy to stay active and safe!  There are two workouts for each stage of your pregnancy, created with modifications to ensure your safety.   

Please ensure you follow the advice of your healthcare professional before commencing and listen to your body always.  I would recommend including 3-4 x 30 minute cardiovascular workouts each week alongside these sessions which could include walking, swimming, jogging. cycling etc.   If you are in any doubt or have concerns please check in with your Doctor or Midwife.

Trimester 1 (0 - 12 weeks):  You are able to continue with your current practice or if you are new to Pilates I would recommend the 21 day beginner plan.  The classes included below are taken from the beginner plan.   

Trimester 2 (13-26 weeks): We eliminate exercises that involve laying on your back or front along with strong rotational movements such as the spine twist.  As your centre of gravity shifts during pregnancy we use a chair to help balance for standing work.  Included in each workout is a guided pelvic floor exercise and abdominal hollowing which help to maintain strength.

Trimester 3 (27 -40 weeks):  Similar to Trimester 2 however we introduce the big Pilates stability ball and a band for one class to provide extra support and comfort.  Both classes retain an emphasis on pelvic health and abdominal strength.

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