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Sculpt your upper body & back 4 week plan

Working on your upper body is key to feeling stronger in both daily life and creating tone and definition for sculpted back, shoulders and arms.  These workouts are designed to provide you structure to see and feel progression.

Each week you are given a routine that combines strength, mobility and flexibility.  

Do each routine three times within the same week, then move onto the next week.  Each routine adds up to between 30-40 minutes of Pilates strengthening and lengthening perfection!

Consistency, repetition and progression are key to achieving results, stick with the 4 weeks and it will be worth it!

Week 1, Routine 1: Every Day 10 mins Back + Every Day 10 mins Upper Body + 7 min Stretch: Upper Body

Week 2, Routine 2: Sculpt Pilates 12 min Upper Body + Back: Strength & Mobility 13 mins

Week 3, Routine 3: Ignite Core + Arms 17 min + 7 min Stretch: Upper Body

Week 4, Routine 4: 30 min Strong Planks Flow + 7 min Stretch: Back

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