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To the September Reset Challenge!

A brand new Pilates challenge with 5 unique workouts each week, equipment free and suitable for all levels of experience.  

I created these classes to be accessible for everyone, with options for beginners and ways to advance provided.

The calendar is designed to give us a perfect balance each week so that nothing is over or under worked.  There are two rest days each week but if you need to move things around to fit with your lifestyle that's completely fine.  Just try to complete the classes each week!

I recommend to get the most out of this challenge that you compliment your practice with 30 minutes of walking/jogging/swimming etc on days as you can fit it in.  Outside would be a bonus!


Rest days are 'Active' which may mean opting for a 30-60 minute activity such as cycling, walking, swimming, rebounding, tennis, golf or even choosing a workout from the online studio! 

You'll find the calendar for you to plan your week and print off to tick as you go!

Get ready to feel stronger, happier and healthier!

Love, Katy x

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This channel is coming soon!