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Week One

Monday 3rd: Fresh Start 30 min Full Body

Tuesday 4th: Glutes on Fire 16 min

Wednesday 5th: Flow Full Body 20 min

Thursday 6th: Active Rest Day

Friday 7th Total Tone 40 min

Saturday 8th: Power Upper Body 16 min

Sunday 9th: Active Rest Day

Week Two

Monday 10th: Total Tone Full Body 30 min

Tuesday 11th: Total Tone Glutes 17 min

Wednesday 12th: Ultimate 20 min

Thursday 13th: Active Rest Day

Friday 14th: Complete Full Body 38 min

Saturday 15th: Upper Body Strong 20 min

Sunday 16th: Active Rest Day

Week Three

Monday 17th: Renew Full Body 30 min

Tuesday 18th: Legs & Hips 15 min

Wednesday 19th: Energise Express 20 min

Thursday 20th: Active Rest Day

Friday 21st: Flow Full Body 20 min

Saturday 22nd: Swan Back 11 min

Sunday 23rd: Active Rest Day

Week Four

Monday 24th: Fresh Start Full Body 28 min

Tuesday 25th Just Glutes 20 min

Wednesday 26th: New Morning 25 min

Thursday 27th: Active Rest Day

Friday 28th: Total Body 45 min

Saturday 29th: Express Arms & Abs 20 min

Sunday 20th: Active Rest Day

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