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Using Props

The mini ball is a great way to add challenge and fun to your practice.  It can help to activate the muscles working more effectively, increase the intensity of some movements and work your stability.  In these classes, we will work though a variety of exercises with intention and mindfulness to leave you feeling amazing!  Suitable for all levels, give it a go!

Mini Ball tips: Look for 7-9in ball and inflate to around 80%, not full capacity.  You can try using a small folded cushion, a rolled up towel or no prop at all if you don't have a mini ball.  They are generally inexpensive and can be found on Amazon.

A TRX is a suspension trainer that I love to use to replicate movements typically performed on a Pilates Reformer machine.  It's light and easy to transport and set up making it very convenient!  I find the TRX is great for adding resistance to increase challenge and also support to enhance range of movement and balance.

The band that I use is called a theraband and is one long strip, however you can use a loop resistance band.

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